Your Full-Service Arizona Jobsite Safety Company.

Our full-service, bilingual safety consulting firm now has a location in Scottsdale, Arizona! We provide safety consulting and services to all of Arizona, including areas in and around Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. From the boardroom to your Arizona job site, our safety team works with your team to keep everyone safe!

Arizona Workplace Safety Data and Reports.

Keep your Arizona workforce safe - in 2018 there were 82 fatal work injuries in Arizona.

SFI specializes in:

  • Heavy Highway Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Multi-Family Residential (Apartments)
  • Home Building – Single Family and Multi-Family
  • Commercial Construction
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • General Industry

SFI Compliance –your jobsite safety partner in Arizona!

  • Over 100 years of workplace safety and risk management experience
  • Industry recognition for excellence
  • Extensive bilingual capabilities
  • Advanced certifications

Arizona Safety Programs.

All of our Arizona job site safety programs meet OSHA standards and requirements. SFI Compliance follows OSHA-recommended practices when writing or revising a program. Know that you are providing a safe environment for everyone - our OSHA written safety programs in both English and Spanish promote a company’s work safety rules and employee training guidelines.

We know safety is good for your Arizona business, that’s why for over 30 years we have kept companies OSHA-Compliant.

A well-managed workplace safety program provides real protection for your workers and your business - find out more about our Safety Programs.

Arizona Onsite Safety Training.

Our safety training empowers your workforce to work smart, work safe, and return home safely. An effective OSHA training program can result in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

SFI Compliance has over 100 years of combined safety training experience and provides training for all safety requirements. Our experienced Arizona safety instructors are approved by the US Department of Labor to provide training. They will travel to your location and provide on-site safety training for your company.

Our OSHA safety training programs are custom-tailored to your specific needs - find out more about our Safety Training.

Arizona Jobsite Safety Inspections.

Maintain OSHA-Compliance and avoid hefty fines and injured workers with our safety inspections. Don’t wait for an unexpected OSHA job site inspection! An integral part of a safety program, our job site safety inspections help us to evaluate your safety program.

Our Arizona safety inspection team will do a thorough inspection of your job site to identify safety hazards and provide the necessary recommendations to correct them.

We know what OSHA looks for! Keep your Arizona company OSHA-Compliant – see our complete list of workplace Safety Inspection options.