Your Full-Service Texas Jobsite Safety Company

For over 30 years SFI Compliance has been providing Safety Programs, Safety Training, and Safety Inspections in Texas and beyond. SFI is a full service, bilingual safety consulting firm with offices in Dallas, Texas. We provide safety services to all of Texas, including areas in and around Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. From the boardroom to your Texas jobsite, our safety team works with your team to keep everyone safe!

Texas Workplace Safety Data and Reports.

Texas workers are more likely to die than workers in any other state! Federal data concluded that a Texas worker is 12% more likely to be killed on the job than someone doing the same job elsewhere. Data from 2017 found that every 16 hours, a worker in Texas died on the job. Find out more about Texas workplace safety:

SFI specializes in:

  • Heavy Highway Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Multi-Family Residential (Apartments)
  • Home Building – Single Family and Multi-Family
  • Commercial Construction
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • General Industry

SFI Compliance – your partner in Texas jobsite safety!

  • Over 100 years of workplace safety and risk management experience
  • Industry recognition for excellence
  • Extensive bilingual capabilities
  • Advanced certifications

Texas Safety Programs

We know safety is good for business, that’s why for over 30 years we have kept companies OSHA-Compliant. A formal written safety program serves as a framework for systematically detecting and correcting safety hazards and preventing OSHA violations. It also provides ways to remedy other risks not covered by OSHA standards. SFI will work with you to write a new safety program, or review and revise your Texas company’s existing safety program to ensure it meets OSHA standards and requirements. A well-managed workplace safety program provides real protection for your workers and your business - find out more about our Safety Programs.

Texas Onsite Safety Training

Through safety training you can provide your employees the tools they need to work safe every day. With over 100 years of combined safety training experience, SFI offers training for all safety requirements. Our experienced safety instructors are approved by the US Department of Labor to provide training. They will travel to your location and provide on-site safety training for your Texas company. An effective OSHA training program can result in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, among other benefits.
Our OSHA safety training programs are custom-tailored to your company’s needs - find out more about our Safety Training.

Texas Jobsite Safety Inspections

Don’t wait for an OSHA jobsite inspection to occur! We know what to look for to keep you OSHA-Compliant. If you are not in compliance, you may be putting your employees at risk and your company in jeopardy of high fines. Jobsite hazards can change daily - to catch and correct hazards that crop up, regular jobsite safety inspections are necessary.
Our Texas safety inspection team will do a thorough inspection to identify safety hazards that prevent injuries and accidents.

We know what OSHA looks for! Keep your Texas company OSHA-Compliant - find out more about our complete list of workplace Safety Inspections.

What some of our Texas Clients have to say:

“SFI has been a valued partner and advocate for Catamount both locally and nationally for the past 7.5 years.  We look forward to continuing our relationship and building upon it on the future.”

Tom Seaman, COO Catamount Constructors, Inc. San Antonio Texas, Denver, Atlanta

"Our partnership with SFI has allowed our field teams across the nation to maintain a culture where safety is the number one priority. SFI has a proven knowledge of current industry trends and laws which has helped elevate Embrey’s safety initiative. Throughout the years of our partnership, SFI has demonstrated a quick response time to all inquiries while providing excellent customer service and principal level involvement. These components, among many others, are key factors when choosing a safety consultant. We, at Embrey, count SFI as a valued partner and look forward to future collaboration."

Randy Powell, Managing Director and Executive VP of Construction Embrey Partners, LTD., San Antonio, Texas