American Red Cross COVID First Aid and CPR Guidance

American Red Cross COVID First Aid and CPR Guidance

Last month the American Red Cross provided guidance in regards to the prevention and safety of performing first aid and CPR to individuals sick with Coronavirus during these times. You can find the full article here:

As we know, standard hygiene practices help prevent the spread of viruses and can protect us and those around us. Below is a summary of their recommendations for each type of care:

When Providing First Aid Care
• Follow the standard precautions, make sure the sick person is wearing a mask or putting one on and stay back at least 6’ until they have done so.
• Limit the number individuals providing care. If you are providing care, wear a mask, eye protection, gloves, and a gown if possible.
• Clean and disinfect items you have touched.
• After providing care, perform hand hygiene and discard contaminated PPE.

When Performing CPR (The risk of transmission is extremely low while performing CPR as long as you use a breathing barrier.)
• If you are uncomfortable or unable to perform traditional CPR call 911 and start Hands-Only CPR until emergency help arrives.
• Use gloves if available.
• Disinfect surfaces with a product that contains alcohol solutions of at least 70% alcohol and follow up with a cleaner such as detergent or soap and water
• For soft surfaces, such as carpeted floors, rugs, and drapes, removes visible contamination and clean with appropriate cleaners that are indicated for use on those surfaces
• Clean your clothing, do not shake them to minimize disbursement, launder on warmest appropriate water setting and dry completely.

For First Aid Providers
“Providers with contact with persons known or suspected to have COVID-19 should monitor themselves for symptoms, (fever, cough, breathing difficulties/shortness of breath, or other symptoms). If these symptoms occur, they should self-isolate and immediately contact their healthcare provider.”

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