SFI Compliance Video Tool Box

Video Tool Box Talks (VTBT’s)

Coronavirus has made a major impact on our everyday lives, especially on the job site. However, we should not allow this to impact our team’s safety training. At SFI, we believe having the knowledge you need to apply safe work practices will help all team members return home at the end of the day. This is why we have been creating Video Tool Box Talks (VTBT’s).

We believe that by helping our clients have access to virtual safety talks, employees can still learn while keeping their social distance. We hope our clients will share these videos with employees and use them as a tool to educate all on safe work practices. Just share the YouTube link with employees or have them sign up below to get the VTBT’s sent direct to their inbox! We create fresh content weekly that is released every Friday.

With the current nature of the virus, the information we receive changes daily. That is why we are working hard to keep our clients updated as new information comes in. Keep up with us on social, through our newsletter and on our YouTube page to make sure that your site is in compliance.

Currently available topics:

5-15 Do You Have the Right Safety Training? – English

5-15 Do You Have the Right Safety Training? - Spanish

5-8 Silica Safety – English

5-8 Silica Safety - Spanish

5-1 Safety Culture - English

5-1 Safety Culture - Spanish

4-24 Conventional Fall Protection - English

4-24 Conventional Fall Protection - Spanish

4-16 Stand Down for Coronavirus - English

4-16 Stand Down for Coronavirus - Spanish

4-10 Ladder Safety - English

4-10 Ladder Safety - Spanish

4-3 Housekeeping - English

4-3 Housekeeping - Spanish

3-27 Distractions in the Workplace - English

3-27 Distractions in the Workplace - Spanish

3-20 COVID-19 Prevention - English

3-20 COVID-19 Prevention - Spanish

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For more Coronavirus information, visit our resource folder here.

If you have questions or want to contact us directly email us at customerservice@sficompliance.com or call us at 800-727-5051.